Taming Your Budgie

Want to train your budgie or even teach him to talk? Several methods and lots of advice can be found below.

Some tips on teaching your budgie to talk have been added! Scroll down to find the talking section. More training and talking tips may be added in the future, so check back! Posted 08.04.10

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Beginning Training Sessions

To start taming your pet budgie, the first and most important thing is that he/she trusts you. Always move slowly and talk softly when you are around your budgie, even when you are not having a training session. Never do anything to scare or harm your budgie. This includes abrupt movements, especially over your budgie's head, and banging on the cage. When you start your taming sessions, your budgie will probably not trust you at first, especially if he/she hasn't been handled very much by people. So your first steps are to build a trusting relationship.

Now that your budgie is well tamed, slowly introduce him to the rest of the areas of the house that he will be allowed into. If you want to watch TV with your budgie, take him to the living room and introduce him to the couch. If you want to study on your bed with your budgie show him your room. Introduce him to all the members of the household and have them practice the step-up with your budgie a few times. Whenever you take your budgie out of the cage make sure that the house is safe for him. Turn off any fans. Make sure all doors and windows are closed. Provide your budgie with a safe, clean, and loving environment and he will become a great companion as you learn more about each other.

Teaching Your Budgie to Talk

Budgies certainly are capable of learning to mimic sounds and words. However, not all budgies will learn to "talk". A budgie is more likely, but not guaranteed, to learn to mimic sounds and words if:

The key to teaching your budgie to say words or even phrases is to repeat often. The best learning opportunity is when your budgie is out of the cage with you and in the mood to hang out on your finger or shoulder. You will want to get up close to his face and repeat the word or phrase you want to teach him. You will know your lessons are being especially effective if your budgie looks like he's focusing on your mouth and/or his pupils are dilating. Some budgies will even like to put their face right up to your mouth when you talk. One your budgie picks up a word or two, it is likely that teaching him words and phrases will get easier.

Some budgies may only learn to mumble, some will learn a few words or sounds, some can have an amazing repertoire, but most will not learn to talk. This is not a reflection of a budgie's intelligence (budgies are surprisingly intelligent), but rather is a reflection of each budgies individual talents and propensities. Don't be disappointed if your budgie doesn't learn to talk, for he has many more valuable qualities to offer, such as his companionship, cheeriness, and funny antics, to name just a few!

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