Nest Box: a constructed wood box used by budgie pairs as a nest. There are several types of budgie nest boxes.

Nest Box The most common style of nest box is a simple box with a hinged top and is meant to be placed or attached inside of the cage. These are good for flights, but if breeding budgie pairs in cages, only use this type of nest box in very large breeding cages (these boxes take up a lot of room). Also, a nest box placed inside of the cage will be more difficult to check, maintain, and clean, so I do not recommend this style of nest box.
Nest Box Another type of nest box is a simple box with a hinged lid on top and is designed to be attached outside of the cage. These nest boxes are acceptable as long as they are the correct size for budgies (they come in smaller sizes for finches/canaries).
Nest Box There is another type of nest box that is designed to be attached outside the breeding cage and is a little larger and longer than the lid-top style. This style actually opens on the side with a wood slot that slides up and down. I highly recommend this style for breeding budgies. These nest boxes reduce the chances of the eggs being damaged and also reduces the risk of chicks developing splayed legs. They are also a lot easier to clean and maintain. I highly recommend using this style of nest box.

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