Budgie Colors and Mutations

Trying to figure out what variety your budgie is? Or maybe you would like to see what different kinds of budgies there are out there. Interested in learning about budgie genetics? This is the section you need to read! To learn all about all the different budgie mutations and how they work, click on "Budgie Colors and Mutations Guide" to start at the top and read on. If you are looking for a particular mutation, click on it in the list below to pull it up. To study up on budgie genetics, click on the "Budgie Genetics Guide." You can also pull up the genetics on a particular mutation by clicking on the link listed under the mutation in the Colors and Mutations Guide or specific mutation page pulled up using the list below.

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Note: The Colors and Mutations Guide is very picture intensive. With slow connections the page may take a long time to load. A high speed connection is recommended to review the entire Colors and Mutations Guide.
Tip: While reading up on budgie mutations, click on any linked word to see a definition and/or picture example.

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Coloration Mutations

Striping Pattern Mutations

Pied Mutations

Rare Mutations

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