The Budgie & Parakeet Place Colors and Mutations Guide: Crested

Crested is a unique mutation. In this variety, the feathers on the very top of the budgie's head point askew from normal, forming a crest. There are generally three types of crests. In the full-circular crest, the head feathers radiate in a full circle from a central point on the head, forming what may look like a Beatles haircut. In the half-circular crest, the feathers radiate from a central point only halfway or part way around the head. In the tufted crest, the feathers point up or backwards from the others near the front of the head, forming a tuft. There are also some variations of crested budgies where feathers on the back/wings grow askew and stick up.

Basic Genetics:

For information on crested genetics, see The Crested Budgerigar by Ghalib Al-Nasser

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